About me

Ever since very old times, this custom has been preserved in our country: If you do not have a vineyard, you are deprived of the right to medicine, voting and education. Fortunately I inherited my vineyard from my ancestors. That is why I am so cheerful.

About place

I live in a small but proud country. If you ride a bike, you can drive it through in one day. If you walk, then three days will be enough. But while you go, you will see so many beautiful places and good people that you will not forget until the end of your life.

Our ancestors were Sarmatians, our wine was delivered to the courts of European kings. We have a lot of sun, and it is obvious that I love these places.

About me

I am visual artist that focuses on building engaging brand identities and packaging.

My style is illustrative with meticulous attention to detail. Handmade illustrations show character, dedication and story. Illustrations project feeling of the craft, care and evoke emotions of belonging.