Grizzly Beer Illustration

Customer: Borealis Coffee Company./ Task: Design & Illustration


We’d like an illustrated mascot for our business that we can use for packaging and merchandise. Borealis Coffee Company is a small-batch coffee roaster in Riverside, RI. Our founder is from Anchorage, Alaska and the name Borealis is a tribute to growing up so far north. We’d like the mascot to be a grizzly bear.

Design needs

Grizzly bear details: somewhere between a fine line illustration and cartoon; not growling, maybe looking like he’s enjoying something; it could be just the bear head or the whole bear, rump sitting; we like the idea of have a landscape or some design woven into the shape of the bear. The first thing we’re going to do with it an embroidered patch or hat, so the lines can’t be too fine. Black and white illustration.

From the beginning we need to draw sketches. As a result, we chose number #2 from 4 sketches.

The task was to draw an illustration of two colors — black and white. However, I noticed that one color works fine. With the exception of white t-shirts. When I added a second color, the bear earned both dark and light T-shirts. We sent the drawing to the printing house to find out how it will work on the embroidered patches. Let me remind you that the original idea was to put it on baseball caps. The production office said the details, as they are now, will translate nicely into a woven patch (versus an embroidered one). The answer satisfied the customer and the work are done.